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  • How do I enroll in this Program?
    It's easy. Go to our member portal by clicking on this link Vision Portal ( You can also email or call Vision Home Protection. Check out our coordinates on the Contact Us page.
  • Can homeowners cancel their plans?
    Yes. We'd be sorry to see them cancel but we understand that the program may not be for them. We'd help them cancel their coverage and refund them any amount due, if applicable.
  • How can I open a new claim?
    Simply click on the link to go to our customer portal. Vision Portal ( Enter the email associated with your policy and follow the steps!
  • How can I find my policy number?
    Simply click on the link Vision Portal ( and enter your email address associated with your policy. You'll find your policy number at the top of your main page!
  • My house is listed in a historical register. Can I still be covered?
    No. Unfortunately, your policy doesn't cover the homes listed in any historical register.
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