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Home protection solutions for financial institutions

Homeowners want protection they can count on at an affordable price.  We offer home protection solutions designed to meet new homeowners' needs.

We leverage next-gen technologies to eliminate friction in the claims process, so the member experience is excellent.  Our machine-learning applications drive continuous improvements in all processes so we can achieve excellence and value.



It's essential to retain and grow one's membership base.  The cost to maintain an existing member is estimated to be between $80 - $140 and to acquire a new member between $400 - $700.  Therefore, it's imperative to deliver services that members value and use over a significant period of time to yield genuine lifetime value that exceeds the acquisition and retention costs.

Our home solutions are designed to provide real value by addressing a genuine need for homeowners - true coverage that is easy to use.  We leverage big data to personalize engagement.  We use artificial intelligence to power intelligent decision-making in the claims process to eliminate friction and make it.




No homeowners want unforeseen and expensive repairs from breakdowns shortly after moving into their dream home.  Repairing a refrigerator can cost up to $500 while a hot water heater can cost up to $450. The frustration and inconvenience aren't measurable.

Our Home Guarantee plans provide 90-days of protection for key home systems so your members can enjoy complete peace-of-mind when occupying their home. Whether they have had a home inspection or not, they're covered. This helps minimize unplanned expenditures and reinforce your partnership and support when it's needed. 


Homeowners spend an average of $2,321 on emergency home repairs and $3,018 on home maintenance, but only 39% can afford to pay $1,000 in emergency expenses.  Protection plans are vital for today's homeowners.  Vision Home Protection provides a helping hand for those times when covered items breakdown as well as an on-going relationship to keep homeowners informed on valuable information about how to maintain their home systems in proper operating condition. This will help to reduce the probability of a future breakdown and eliminate the frustration, inconvenience, and costs that come with such events.

Vision Home Protection offers monthly subscription programs that are affordable.  It provides homeowners the ability to renew their Home Guarantee coverage or customize it by adding or removing items to personalize the protection to meet their specific needs.

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